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My Background

This is where it began... 

Ever since I was a little girl I've loved flowers and plants. I used to follow mum and her friend around their gardens, listening to them chatting about what they’d grown, taking it all in. I have to admit, growing carrot tops on wet tissue in my bedroom was a particular favourite of mine at the time!
Since then I’ve become a little more sophisticated in my taste, more adventurous and certainly more competent! After training with renowned florist Jane Packer I spent a number of years doing flowers for beautiful weddings and weekly displays in restaurants and offices around London until my babies came along and made me want to spend time with them. But Sunday mornings were always reserved for my visits to Columbia Road flower market and I could never just walk on by a florist without stopping to admire the beautiful creations

Nowadays Max & Teddy don’t need so much of my time and I’m enjoying being back in the world of flowers more than ever.


And so the story continues.....

Kelly Whichello
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